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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A DEVOTEE'S EXPERIENCE- . Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 2,

KAnchi Panneerselvam (former MP) used to have frequent darshan of shrI PeriyavargaL. Fortunately, he was alive after a car accident. After that accident, he met shrI PeriyavargaL and received his blessings. 

Once KAnchi Panneerselvam (KP hereafter) had arranged for a special abhiSheka ArAdhanA to KAnchi shrI KumarakkoTTam Murugap PerumAn. Even as the abhiShekam was being performed in the temple, his friends inside the temple told him that shrI PeriyavargaL was coming that side, walking in the RAjavIdhi. KP came to the street to receive shrI PeriyavargaL and invite him inside the temple. 

Looking at KP, shrI Periyavar said, "It is exactly a year today since you met with that car accident, so are you performing abhiShekam to shrI Murugap PerumAn? I come only to witness it." Although KP did not remember that a year had gone by since that accident, realizing that shrI PeriyavargaL had remembered it precisely and to do him anugraham the sage had himself chosen to come to shrI Murugan's Alayam, he went into spiritual shivers. 

Once KP brought some Kazhaga (ADMK) notables when he came to have darshan of shrI PeriyavargaL. At that time the sage blessed him, "You will have the opportunity to move with the VIPs of the world." After a few days, KP stood as a candidate in the KAnchi constituency for the parliamentary election. He had prayed to shrI PeriyavargaL for his winning in the election. 

On the day of couting of votes too he came and prayed to shrI PeriyavargaL. When the counting was over and the results declared late after midnight, KP had won in the election. 

When KP came to have darshan of shrI PeriyavargaL on the next morning, shrI PeriyavargaL told him, "Expecting you last night itself after the counting was over, I kept myself awake." Realizing his mistake, KP sought pardon from the sage. 

After that he had the opportunity of being selected for the group of MPs that visited many countries, and thus had the opportunity to move with many VIPs of the world. 

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