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Friday, June 28, 2013

Mahaperiyavaa in 'Sudhama'

Mahaperiyavaa in 'Sudhama'
author:..... V. Srinivasan, Chennai
compiler:... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
book:......... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 2, pages 136-142
publisher:.. Vanathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)

Sir P.S. Sivaswamy Aiyer and Smt. Kalyani (Lady Sivaswamy)

Sir P.S. Sivaswamy Aiyer lived as a rich and famous advocate and legal luminary in Chennai. His wife's name was Kalyani. The name of his house was 'Sudhama'. It was a large bungalow even in those days.

When Maha SwamigaL was camping in the city, he suddenly visited 'Sudhama' without any prior announcement and made the Sivaswamy couple drown in ecstasy.

The couple did not have the bhAgya (fortune) of a child.

Maha SwamigaL told him, "What if you people don't have your own children? Be the father-mother for several poor children. You act righteously in your profession as an advocate and do jnAna dAnam (the charity of knowledge) by establishing an educational institution with the income earned. Your name will stand firm (be remembered). In a similar way, construct a hospital that caters to childbirth and make your wife's name also stand firm (be remembered)."

Sri Sivaswamy Aiyer carried out that orders in toto. He sold the palatial bungalow 'Sudhama' and started living in a smaller house that he purchased for them in the Sullivan Garden Road.

He established a hospital named Kalyani Hospital that offered free childbirth consultations and treatment in the Edward Elliots Road (near the President Hotel). If that divine service continues even today, the main reason has been the grace of Maha PeriyavaaL. He also bought out of his own funds, the girls' school that was under the administration of Jaipur Maharaja (the school opposite Rasika Ranjana Sabha in the Sundareswarar Street that branches from the Kapaliswarar Temple East Mada Street), named it 'Lady Sivaswamy Aiyer Girls' High School' and developed it.

PeriyavaaL's word is the Veda's word!

*** *** ***

Ex-Chief Minister M. Bhaktavatsalam

The camp was at SriMaTham, Karaikudi in the year 1964. The then Chief Minister Tiru. M. Bhaktavatsalam came for Periyavaa darshan.

"You have heard of a kSetra (holy place) called Danushkoti near Rameswaram? You issue the orders immediately and arrange for the eviction of the entire population of the village with their belongings. You also arrange for the distant safe-keeping of your rAjAnga sAmans (state possessions)..."

Should not Bhaktavatsalam ask (Periyavaa) as to why this sudden direction? He did not ask!

It was because he knew that the order issued from the holy mouth of a great saint who knew the three states of time. He would gain nothing by asking the sage about the reason, which, however should be a strong one.

There indeed was a strong reason!

A demonic hurricane with horrendous speeds, followed by a torrent of rain and high tides of the ocean--all these happened within seven or eight days of Periyavaa asking for the eviction in Danushkoti!

Who is the Bhaktavatsala here--the one in the safron handloom clothes or the one in the white handloom clothes?

*** *** ***

Dr. Alladi Ramakrishnan

Sir Alladi Krishnaswamy Aiyer's son Dr. Alladi Ramakrishnan and his wife Smt. Lalitha Ramakrishnan had made arrangements to leave for America. They came for the darshan and blessings of PeriyavaaL, before they started on their trip.

"When should you start?"

"On the date of the twenfth..."

There was only silence for some seconds with a glance at somewhere above the ceiling, on the part of the sage.

The assistant kept extending the prasAda plate, keeping vibhUti and kumkumam on it.

"Why don't you start after fifteen days?"

A sudden order indeed! (Why can't he start on the twelfth itself without informing SwamigaL? If he postpones the confirmed tickets, there is going to be the series of tasks of ticket cancellation and subsequent reservation. Is SwamigaL going to inquire, remembering about his trip?)

But then, he could not go?!

Are the words of PeriyavaaL iron fetters?

The aircraft that started for America from Meenambakkam (Chennai) on the date of the twelfth, ended up its journey in Mumbai itself. It transpired that all the hundred passengers on it would be having the same tithi (a lunar day, here the day of their demise).

The Ramakrishan couple had both types of tears: tears of sorrow for those who were dead and tears of gratitude for their having been saved.

*** *** ***

In the year 1965, Maha SwamigaL was camping in Chennai. I wanted very much to bring him to our house and make it mangaLakaram (auspicious) with his holy feet.

Staying at Sri KarpakambaL Kalyana Mandapam, Mylapore, Periyavaa was dispensing his grace and blessings to the devotees.

Chief Minister M. Bhaktavatsalam and his daughter Smt. Sarojini Varadappan came for darshan and left after conversing with the sage from seven-thirty to eleven-thirty in the night. Thereafter, my parents and I went for darshan and prostrated.

"My son is doing japam and fasting for the last two days with the thoughts of Periyavaa. He also follows wherever Periyavaa goes. He is straining his body too much. He is adamant that he would remain in this manner until 'Periyavaa agrees to visit our gRuham (house)'. Only Periyavaa should advise him on this issue."

Periyavaa looked at me.

"You go home with them (my parents), have food and sleep. I shall come later, after informing (you people)."

The telephone rang around five-thirty on the next morning. Sri V. VaidhyaSubramanya Aiyer from the SriMaTham camp spoke.

"Mister Venkataraman, Sir... Periyavaa is starting for your house. You come right away."

Periyavaa started trip on his palanquin, visited Sri Bhaktavatsalam's home en route and gave his blessings and then visited our home around seven-thirty.

Stopping all the devotees and assistants on the outside of our home, he asked only the three of us to sit near the palanquin.

"The three of you do the japam. I shall do my dhyAnam (meditation) inside." Periyavaa immersed himself in meditation, sliding and closing the palanquin door.

Precisely an hour passed.

Periyavaa gave darshan as sAkSAt Parameswara, opening the door of the palanquin.

"Periyavaa should pardon us. Our boy Cheenu troubled much and brought Periyavaa to our home. Should excuse us..."

Then Periyavaa visited the Pillaiyar temple at our home that was built on his orders. He went round Pillaiyar fifteen times.

I asked to photograph Periyavaa then and prayed for this consent. Periyavaa did not grant permission. I tried many times to have a photograph taken with him when he began to move away from our house. Later too, I had prayed to him several times.

But then I did not succeed till the end!


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