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Monday, June 10, 2013

Maha Periyava

--Sri Prakash Thyagarajan shares his very recent experiences witnessing the miracle of Periva (yet again). 

"Dear Sir,

Namaskar. I would like to share the incident happened on 2.6.2013 for the benefit of all the devotees of Periyava.

I have a trust in the name of Thiaga Sastha Trust at Madambakkam chennai and running a yajur veda patasala for the past 12 years. So far, 8 children have completed their vedic education (2 of them Gananthram). we have been performing Samashti Sahasra Gayatri Homam at our Patasala every first sunday. 

Last sunday i.e on 2.6.2013 we had organised at Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, Tambaram East, Chennai for Samshti Sahasra Gayatri Homam by 108 brahmins and Gayatri Sahasranama Archanai by 24 couples where as 138 brahmins and 32 coupes participated. It was organised as a part of the Vajra Mahothsavam of our Periyava Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal's Peetarohana and the programme was over by 10 am and it was a grand success. 

In our sankalpam we all prayed for everyone's welfare including sufficient rains. To our shock and surprise all of a sudden clouds formed and it was a heavy down pour in and around the area where we performed the gayatri homam. It was nothing but Periyava's anugraham and acknowledgement of what we performed. Heavy rain for a radius of about 5 kms. and we couldn't just avoid shedding tears in joy. Periyava answers our prayers always.

That day we went to Kanchi Mutt and gave prasadams to Bala Periva. It was told that Bala Periva asked all those people who had assembled for the puja that day to chant The hold Rishya sringa mantra praying for rains and it rained at Kanchi when we were there.It is all his grace.


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