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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Egg Plant -Brinjal

If you are one of those people who don’t like brinjal and don’t like to eat this vegetable, read the following benefits of this vegetable. This will change your thinking about this plant.
The colour of eggplant depends on the amount of vitamin C it contains. If the colour of this plant is dark purple, it means it has more vitamin C in it and light purple colour of eggplant shows that it
has less amount of vitamin C in it.

Both proteins and carbohydrates are very less in quantity in this plant.
In 100 grams of Eggplant following nutrients are available:
1.       Proteins -1.4 gra,
2.       Vasa – 0.3 grams
3.       Carbohydrates – 4.0 grams
4.       Calcium – 18 grams
5.       Phosphorous – 47 milligram
6.       Vitamin C – 12 milligram
7.       Potassium – 20 milligram
8.       Magnesium – 16 milligram

If you don’t eat Eggplant, read this

Consuming eggplant controls the level of cholesterol in blood. Drinking the juice of eggplants leaves reduces cholesterol in body. 

Eggplant also provides required moisture to the skin and saves it from drying. It also gives the required moisture to hair. It also controls the high blood pressure. People who eat this vegetable have
much less chances of having heart-related diseases. 

Eggplant also gives relief from tooth pain. It also cures pimples on skin. It is also very useful in treating asthma. Brinjal has excess fiber in it, which is good for weight loss. 

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