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Monday, May 27, 2013

Yet another miracle!

Dear Members,

We are pleased to post some more photos now, and you can expect to see the rest shortly.

In the meantime, we would like to share another miraculous incident which we witnessed today. The event which concluded yesterday is in itself nothing short of a miracle, but today's was even better. 

We drove down this afternoon to Kanchipuram to have Periva's darshan and take His blessings, after submitting the details of the event. We were at Orikkai by 0330 PM, had a wonderful darshan there and then visited Periva temple at Pradosham mama's place. Having completed that, we came to Sri Matam and had darshan at Adishtanam by about 0530 PM. We submitted details of the celebration in front of His Holiness, and prayed for the universal well being. We also specifically prayed for some rain showers, as it was also mentioned by Sri Rajagopala Ghanapatigal in his Upanyaasam that as an acknowledgement of the good conduct of the event, we can expect a short rainfall at least within the next 3-4 days.

However, it was real scorching hot in Kanchipuram until that point and then we left the Sri Matam to go and have darshan of Kamakshi. While we drove to Kamakshi temple, we stopped by the house of our guide and well wisher Sri Kalyanapuram Vaidyanathan to have a quick chat and update him about the event. He has been a great source of inspiration to us, and has been a source of various materials including rare photos of Periva. More recently, when we were running around to organize a nice vigraham of Periva for abhishekam, he is the one who came to our rescue by providing this unique marvelous vigraham of Periva, a photo of which was shared in the earlier thread. To put it short, every one needs a God sent angel to achieve some great things - and Sri Vaidyanathan has been Periva's own messenger and our close guide for all these years.

Now, while we were talking to Sri Vaidyanathan, suddenly the television signals went off, and sitting inside the house, we felt that this was probably a technical problem and we decided we will take a walk to Kamakshi temple and come back. We step out to the door and see a sudden, heavy downpour of rain (which had caused the signal problem with the set top box as well)- the surprise is that until about 5 minutes back, when we submitted our prayers at Sri Periva's Adishtanam and drove to this residence, it was blazing hot wind and enormous heat in Kanchipuram. Not an inch of coolness or no real indication of any rain coming up until we left the Sri Matam too, but within 5 minutes, the whole situation had changed, and we could not step out of Sri Vaidyanathan's residence now as it was raining virtually cats and dogs. 

We borrowed some umbrellas to take a quick walk to Kamakshi temple and had a wonderful darshan as well, while enjoying the better than air conditioned climate which was conjured up in no time, compared to the piping hot steam which was present few minutes back. We took it as the real Anugraha Varsham of Sri Maha Periva - His own style of blessing us, and having heard our prayers too. This has happened just today, and every single person in Kanchipuram can tell you how hot and humid it was until this evening, about 0600 PM and how the showers came in all of a sudden. 

This is yet another incident which proved that there is virtually no limit to the kindness and grace of our Periva, and how quickly he can change things around for His devotees. We invite all of you to place your lives in the hands of His Holiness and request His intervention & guidance for carrying on a better and more purposeful life. He will surely shower His blessings on the really committed ardent devotees and guide them to the path of ultimate salvation - you don't need a better and more convincing evidence than tod

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