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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Elakkai Maalai ---His Holiness Periyaval

Elakkai Maalai

On 14.12.1991, we went to Kanchi to have darshan of His Holiness Periyaval.There was a lot of rush.

We were standing in a queue.After a little while, we reached the place where Periyava was giving Darshan.He was reclining in a chair with both Paadams seen.

Shishyas were standing around him.

Our eldest son-in-law was having a very bad time.His 71/2 Sani was going on.We did not know what to do.

At last , we took courage and told Periyava about his problems.He listened to everything we said , then he removed an "ELAKKAI MAALAI" from his neck , told his shishya to put around my husband's neck and blessed us.

After this incident , my son-in-law regained his position slowly. He is now happy and well settled.

We have kept the "Elakkai Maalai" in a copper sambadam, with pepper corns and pachakarpooram. 

Nearly 12 years have passed and even now , it looks fresh. 

When problems arise , whenever we feel sad, we touch the Elakkai Maalai to our eyes and it gives us a lot of solace.

From the Book - Moments of a lifetime.

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