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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Mahaan Who Wiped Our Tears

The Mahaan Who Wiped Our Tears
author:..... SivaSri Jagadeesa Shivacharya, PandanaiNallur
compiler:... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
book:......... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 2, pages 22-25
publisher:.. Vanathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)

Devotees saw with their own eyes that water was leaking from the corner of Sri Vishnu Durga's eyes in the aruLmihu Pandaadu Nayaki sameta PasupatiNatha Swami temple (at PandanaiNallur)! This happened on 19th Feb.1986.

They rushed and reported the matter to me. I went and had a look. Tears were leaking out of AmbaL's two eyes! There were no words to describe the agony of our heart.

I arranged to bestow worship on a young virgin girl, treating her as Durga, submitting saubhAgya dravyas, and performing the navAkSari mantra japam in front of the kannikA durgA.

"Why is this flaw, mother?" I asked her.

The virgin girl who was sitting as Durga told us that she had a vision of a divine girl who wore a green skirt telling her, "Reduce my burdern" and disappearing.

Thereafter, we performed special abhiSeka ArAdhanam to Vishnu Durga and the tears stopped.

We went to Kanchipuram to supplicate this matter to Sri Maha PeriyavaaL and seek his clarification and guidance.

Periyavaa gave us twenty-five litres of Gangaa Jalam (water from the Ganga). He asked us to spiritually strengthen it with one lakh AvRttis (repetition) of the navAkSari mantra, perform abhiSeka to Vishnu Durga with the strengthened water and then report to him.

After four months and after carrying out the orders of Periyavaa, we went to Orirukkai, a village adjacent to Kanchipuram, where Periyavaa was staying.

I told PeriyavaaL that the tears that had been flowing from Durga's eyes had stopped.

Periyavaa heard me and then contemplated the matter for sometime. Then he asked, "Does the roof over Durga touch Her head?"

I could not remember if it was so, though I have been performing the daily puja. I said, "I did not notice. I shall go back and have a look."

When I got back and checked the roof by inserting a thick thread between Durga's head and the roof, I found out that the roof was indeed touching Her head, for the thread did not appear on the other side. It was also confirmed that a crack in the wall had caused the roof to slant slightly and thus touch Durga's head.

We came back and apprised Periyavaa of the details.

Periyavaa ordered us to take Durga's statue out, make a shallow dent on the roof, then place the staute back on its base and then perform a kumbhAbhiSekam.

Changes were made as directed by him and the kumbhAbhiSekam took place in the Thai month of the year 1987.

We came back for PeriyavaaL's darshan with the prasAdam.

Periyavaa happily listened to the details and accepted the prasAdam. He said, "The people of your village are very fortunate. AmbaL's crying was to give everyone her anugraha."

While we were conversing, a Gujarati devotee came for darshan. Periyavaa spoke a few words to him.

Then, looking at us, he asked, "What would it cost for you people to make a trip here?"

"About three hundred rupees."

He asked the Gujarati to give us three hundred rupees. He considered PeriyavaaL's AGYA as his parama bhAgya and gave the money very happily.

We experienced and melted at the utmost consideration and compassion the divine PeriyavaaL had for the prosperity of Shivacharyas who touch the god and do puja.

Periyavaa not only cleared Durga's burden on the head, but also the burden in our hearts! Who else except PeriyavaaL can give such divine guidance?

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