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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maha Periavaa

Here are two different mails received from our members. We are very glad and proud to present these first-hand experiences from the current generation of people, who are still witnessing the miracles of Periva, because of the sheer devotion they have in Him.

a) Rain in Sathuragiri - experience of Sri Hari (extracted from the member's mail):

"We visited Sathuragiri during the weekend of March 23-24, and had a wonderful darshan of the Swami on the hill top. While we were back in the basement on March 24, we had our bath and were performing our anushtaanam in a garden of a private property (thoppu). There, as we were doing our Japam, one of the working women came around and requested us to pray for rains for that region. We were obviously reminded instantly of our Periva only and we made a sincere prayer to Him to bless that region with some showers, and told those workers that they can expect a rainfall soon, and came back to Chennai.

On Tuesday the 26th March 2013, out of a sudden thought, we gave a quick call to the Thoppu people to find out if all is well. To our surprise, we found that the previous evening 25th March, they witnessed very good amount of rainfall in their region and all the drylands had received sufficiently good amount of rain to keep them wet and safe for a few more months. They said they had not seen such a thick rainfall for many months in the past. We were more than glad, and thanked Periva once again - just wanted to share this with everyone else, as He has always been so kind to bring in rainfall for all affected areas like the Sage RishyaSrungar."

b) Rain in Tirupur - experience of Sri K Narayanan, Tirupur (extract from the member's mail):

"I am from Tirupur. Yesterday (7th April 2013) we had the Unchivirthi from Prathosham Mama team at Tirupur. Sri Vinayakaram , famous Gadam Vidhvan gave a "Chathur Gadam - Solo" performance on the occasion to celebrate Mahaswami's 120th Jayanthi. During the welcome speech, Dr K Natarajan , representing Tirupur public put forth a request to Sri Vinayakaram to pray for the betterment of Tirupur and for rains .

Sri Vinayakaram , before he commenced his performance said that on the last occasion when he performed at Tirupur at Ramakrishna Bajanai Madam at Tirupur year before last year, he put forth the prayer for the madam to be renovated ( it was in a dilapidated condition ) and said that today Periyava's karunai had made it happen. He further said that Periyava will shower his blessings for the request now made. He started his performance.

Within seconds, there was a good shower in Tirupur. This is the way HE (periyava) responds to the prayers of Bakthas in no time. All present at the venue were overwhelmed by his shower of blessing by way of shower of rain. We all hope that he will bring back Tirupur back to its glory."

We invite our members to share any other personal experiences they have witnessed/are witnessing so that all our members can get to understand and enjoy the same.

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