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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Story told by Mahaperiava-1


(கன்னடியன் கால்வாய்)



Around five hundred to six hundred years ago ( 15th century AD), a king of Kerala who was ruling from Thiruvananthapuram, got afflicted by an incurable desease. Though he got the best (royal) medical treatment, he could not be cured of the desease and suffered very much.

One night, while praying to the God, he just dozed off. He got a dream then. In the dream, there appeared a earth---to---sky tall figure before him and said, “Oh king! The desease you are suffering from is because of your Karma Palan. The cumulative sins of your previous births, didn’t get erased off completely; whatever remainder is left, has come to you now as this desease. You have to endure this; it cannot be cured by medicines. There is, but, one alternative way out. You have to prepare a full size statue of yourself out of sesaeme seeds, fill it up fully with gold, invoke all your sins into it, and then donate it to a true learned brahmin . Once you do that, the Karma within you will leave you and go to that Brahmin. If he has the full power of the Manhthras, he will digest the sins. Whatever happens, the idea behind the giving away of so much gold to him is as a compensation.”

Next morning, the king immediately did what was told to him in the dream. He filled the sesaeme statue with gold grains, the size of a thoor dhal. He announced honestly, the full truth behind the Dhaanam, to all the Brahmin community.

But, no one came forward to accept it. “Let the king endure his karma. Why should we lose our power of manhthras, for his sake? Suppose, the power is not enough, we have to mortgage our own lives.” Thinking thus, no one came forward.

The king no longer could bear with the pain of the desease. With the hope that some body from outside his kingdom may come forward, he arranged the announcement to be made in several far off kingdoms.

Thus, the matter reached the Kannada kingdom. A young Brahmin, who had accumulated a good lot of power of Manthras and courage, came to Thiruvananthapuram to accept the ‘Dhaanam’.

The king’s happiness knew no bounds. He did the proper rituals and donated the statue to the young Brahmin.

A miraculous incident happened then. The Brahmin looked intently at the statue; it lifted its right hand and showed the three fingers except the thumb and the little finger. The remainder of the king’s previous births’ sins had been invoked with life as ‘Kaala Purushan’ in the statue and so, the inert statue became one with life in it.

When it showed the three fingers, the Brahmin shook his head and said, “No!”.

The statue, folded its ring finger and showed only two fingers. For this also, the Brahmin said “No”. The statue, then folded its middle finger also and showed only the index finger.

The Brahmin accepted this and nodded his head. No sooner he said yes, than the statue, prostrated before him and stood up. It became inert once again, indicating that the ‘Kaala Purusha’ has left the statue for good.

The Brahmachari explained the whole thing to the king and other spectators, who just stood wonderstruck at the turn of events. “When I looked intently at the statue, I asked it ‘how much portion of my power of Manthraas will you be happy with, if you have to leave me alone and not harm me?’. For which it showed three fingers, indicating that it wants the power of the three—times—a—day sandhyaavandhanams. When I refused, it showed two fingers, indicating that it will settle for the power of two times’ sandhyaavandhanams. When I said no to this also, it finally showed one finger, indicating acceptance of power of one time sandhyaavandhanam. I agreed for that and it left the statue after doing Namaskaram.

Understanding the great power of doing Gayathri properly, from this incident, the public praised the brahmachari very much.

The king believed that Vaamanaa, who came to accept three—foot land from Mahabali, had Himself come now, to cure his desease. True to the prophecy, the king was totally cured of his desease.

To be continued……….

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