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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lurking Dangers around...

Today's headline says a young girl withdrew  money from ATM at night  and went to her flat and some youths saw her and followed her and snatched the purse after knocking at her door .......

I have seen many times some people in spite of the danger awaiting to happen... fix an auto ask the same auto man to wait till they withdraw cash and come outside and count and then board the same auto...

the dangers that are lurking in this case are:

the auto driver and others come to know how much you have withdrawn ,

the auto driver does not have to rake his brain a simple phone call to some tom dick to attack him and the person and later share the booty,

chances of people following you divert your attention and snatch the hand bag or wallet,( there are many tricks to divert and all fall a prey )

next is people especially working ladies making the auto stop right at the entrance of their locked  flat..and dispose him off.In this case he comes to know it's a locked flat and you have the key, what if he gets the key or what if he waits for you to open and settle and later ask for water.. and run away with the loot after harming you? 

In my campus a lady halted from the auto to her side portion of her flat and did the same ... 
Later when I saw her ,warned her of the dangers and just casually told her to get down near the main road and walk to the flat , even if she gets down should not at any cost go to her portion  and open the gate in front of the auto driver.

Some have the habit of throwing the withdrawal slip at the ATM itself or outside, can they not wait to carry it till they go home?
Wearing whole coat stand of jewels for attending any function and get cheated easily many times it has been reported how people are conned by tricksters regarding jewels, cash etc., still there is not much awareness. 

What I feel is the govt should come out with documentaries of all the cheating cases and keep filling it in between commercials and serials... 

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