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Saturday, February 16, 2013

In Kanchi Mahaan's Shade of Mercy...7

In Kanchi Mahaan's Shade of Mercy...7
Compiler: Raa. Venkatasamy (in Tamil)
Source:Sakthi Vikatanissue dated Sep 28, 2004
Translator: saidevo

Maha Periyavar, who is the omnipotent Parameswara Himself, was camping in Sri Kanchi MaTham, KumbakoNam. The Vyasa Puja was being held there with all glory. The ChandraMauleesvara Puja being over, all the devotees were in a hurry to get Maha Periyavar's darshan, who was distributing theabhiSheka tIrtham(holy water of ablution) with his holy hands. A devotee's turn came in the line formed by them to receive theprasAdam. Giving him theprasAdam, the Mahaan looked at him, raising his head.

He told the devotee, "You come early tomorrow for the VedapArAyaNam(recitation)." What alternative is there to the Mahaan's orders?

As ordered by the Mahaan the devotee came up early the next morning and participated in the occasion of VedapArAyaNam. When thepArAyaNamwas going on, Maha Periyavar made a surprise visit, which was unusual.

He noticed that thebhaktA(devotee) who got hisanugrahathe previous day was reciting the Vedas with sincere devotion. When reciting the Veda mantras, however, thebhaktAhad breathing problems, so he faltered as he recited theshlokas (verses) with difficulty. Kanchi Mahaan realized that the devotee should be having some problem in his throat or lungs.

When it was time to distributeprasAdamafter the recitation was over, he called the devotee and asked him to wait.

The devotee seemed to havesanchalanaM(trepidation) in his mind that he did not recite the Vedas properly and the Mahaan had found out some errors in his chanting.

After sometime, a physician came and examined the devotee thoroughly as ordered by the sage. Later when he took the devotee to his hospital and conducted more tests, the physician found out that the devotee had a heart ailment, which caused the falter in the Vedic chanting.

The physican cured the devotee with good treatment that involved no surgery, in accordance with Maha Periyavar's orders.

Some ten days later, the devotee came to have darshan of the Mahaan, who ordered him, "Now you do the Vedic chanting for sometime." The devotee was able to do the chanting without any falter or other problems. Thus Maha Periyavar saved the devotee from an incoming setback of health. Know what the devotee said about this? "As mentioned in Thevaram, when we do sincere prayer and worship to Bhagavan, any setbacks and difficulties that should reach us melt away automatically."

*** *** ***

Among the people who were involved in thesevA(service) to Kanchi Mahaan, SriKaNtan is an important person. He was the one who thought there was no other world than the Mahaan.

Once the Mahaan was not in the MaTham; he was at some distance away. One evening, SriKaNtan was working in the manual wet rice grinder with all sincerity of devotion to work.

His hands were working but his mind was filled with thoughts of the Mahaan. A MaTham assistant hurriedly came to him.

He said in a hastening tone, "Your orders are to come immediately, leaving whatever work you are doing now."

SriKaNtan never asked about why the Mahaan gave him such an order. He came hurriedly to the Mahaan'ssannidhi(presence). The moment he left the place, the roof of the portion of the building where he sat, came down crashing. Had he not got away, he would have been buried in the rubbles.

He survived on that day due to the compassionate heart of thedIrgha darshi(one who has prevision) Kanchi Mahaan. Could he ask how that Sarvesvara knew what was to come? With tears in his eyes, SriKaNtan did ashASTaaN^ga namaskaramand bowed to that God

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