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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Traffic Jam Of Life

We all have been finding ourselves stuck in traffic jams. It's a pleasure to watch people around you, provided you are not on the wheel. (People who come to Bangalore crib about it ,it's a perennial problem the city faces.) If you have observed closely you might find some busy munching something, peeping thro' the glass, combing hair,catching up with reading,  simply looking around, busy ringing up or engaged in conversation with co passengers . 

Imagine those who have to cross the roads in the few seconds left, mind and body deciding who to go where and which direction , half pulling this way and half pushing that way.In the meantime some restless drivers keep honking their horns to annoy others and in the melee, some hitch kitch. Maximum noise pollution occurs here at traffic signals only, during peak hours. 

Coming to the reality of traffic jam in life, at times we are held up for long and there is no sign of progress. We are stuck helplessly waiting for  some miracle to rescue us from the happenings, neither is there a green nor amber but only red light, with no opening in sight.The chances of moving ahead becoming dimmer and dimmer eats our nerves. 

It's never for life that one is stuck in jam, there are chances of a minor choc-o-block , and there are signals which moves you faster than the earlier.We do have a smooth ride for a stretch and little blocks or it's always a smooth ride. But one must be ready  for both as life is a journey -may be a long journey of hurdles, no hurdles or with little hurdles. 

 Be relaxed, cool and chill, this too shall pass! 

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