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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Me- the Grand mother

I am a proud grandmother  and I am proud to say that. I have two beautiful granddaughters Jenicca and Anoushka. 
Both are born in April with a gap of 2 years.  I have become a grand mother when I was 55 years. Becoming a grandmother is a wonderful experience!

They are the encashable currencies in the world and in my life. Both love me and they are close to me. I may be an antique, they are equally antique in their mischief.I play with them ,join in their nursery rhymes time, learn their language and interpret them for their dictionary. 

I could spend as much time as I spent on my kids when they were young. They are God's gift at the time of growing old, and they bring my kids' temper tantrum  in a flash back.

I am very playful and for Anoushka I am just another 'toy' , she does all nakras with me. Initially she would become hyper after seeing me, now she has mellowed down may be she is growing to understand that she has so many things in her life to' discover'.I just wait to see her everyday in the morning .
By sitting, jumping and running with them makes me young at heart. The best baby sitters for them are people like us,in the care of grandparents, they benefit a lot. 

Both my grand kids never cry as soon as they wake up,they greet me with a big smile, and they directly enter the kitchen looking for me, isn't that great?
I read that grandparents are like the a small piece of string- handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of the grandchildren. Grandparents are actually God's gift to kids .

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