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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Guru Swara

Guru Swara 
Guru Swarais the first of its kind online Carnatic music solution for vocal excellence that has been developed to revolutionize and transform Carnatic music practicing methodology. 
Guru Swara will enable the Gurus’ to give assignments and track students’ progress. Students will gain access to a huge library of various Carnatic music forms. Students can practice and assess their performance in accordance with the Carnatic music parameters like Sruti, Laya, Bhavam, Swaram, and Gamakam . 
 Guru Swarais a comprehensive music teaching and learning solution for students who practice vocal singing at school and, more importantly, at home.
 It enhances the time spent on learning classical music by educating the student on how a song/musical note is supposed to be sung and how well they are singing with reference to their Guru. 
This is done through an easy to read and pleasing visual display of the application 
Vast library comprising of various carnatic music forms like Kritis, Keertanas, Javalis, Padams etc.
Categorization of the library into Abhyasagana, Sabhagana, Manodharma .Authentic details of all the tracks helps the Gurus and Students to navigate easily .All the tracks 
are provided with diacritical marks to make practicing 
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Benefits to Students:
Guru Swara analyses student performances and scores for each attempt in real time giving practice time an online video game-like appeal, thereby ensuring continued interest.
GuruSwara allows students to set any Sruti (pitch) suitable to their voices .
Benefits to Gurus: 
Music Teachers will have a practical way to ensure their student’s home practice time is more productive and measurable
Music teachers can use student recordings to explain the progress made by each student to their parents.GuruSwara also makes it easy for a teacher to e-mail parents a recording of their child with a note, thereby encouraging parents to be more actively involved in their child’s musical 
Student’s understanding of their own limitations 
and capabilities is clear to ensure a better learning curve.
Guru Swara and Muzigle are registered trademarks  of Company
Email Mobile : +91 95503 01326/29 

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