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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Age cannot wither you.... nor your attitude .......

 An interesting one to read .... 
Recently I met two persons – one was young at 80 and the other was old, a retired PSU manager, at 63. While the emasculated manager was stymied and remorseful about unfulfilled dreams in life, the ‘dadaji’ is still working as an electrical consultant to one power producing company. On further investigation I understood that Mr. Manager dedicated his life space to the routine duties of bringing up children, arranging facilities for family and caring for relations etc. He had dreams but never prioritized those and now he is too scared to venture out to explore the world.
This is too common a phenomenon. Many people arrive at a point in life where they look back over the years and regret not having done something they always wanted to do. I have good news for all such souls who think that it is too late for them to start walking towards their missed goals -  ‘you are wrong’. It is never too late to restart because unlike medicines, living life has no expiry date. You can dream big at every stage of life and you can start fresh even when you are way ahead on a different track. Remember, you are always a thought away from your destination. You might have missed out on the truth that dreams have no age limit.
Becoming successful is not limited to one certain age. Michael Gill joined Starbucks at the age of 63 and that too when he had lost hearing in one ear because of brain tumor. He joined the coffee chain as a ‘serving partner’ a la waiter! He explored happiness in life at that age. It is said that ‘your age should only tell you that you are closer to your cherished desires’. The secret to success is : ‘follow your heart’. Find out what you are passionate about and pursue that relentlessly till it culminates into victory and it will. Take the success story of Bommen Irani, a successful business person. He got his first break into acting at the age of 42 through the blockbuster film Munna Bhai MBBS.  In a print interview he says “I am just 21 years old with 21 years of experience with me!”.  In a recent film fare gathering, renowned playback singer Usha Uthhap received the ‘best female singer’ award. When she came up to the stage she was bubbling with the tears of joy, she said, “After 40 years of my singing career this is my first ever award!”
"I would have loved to be so but …." or "I always wanted to do that in my life but…" is a super pathetic way to describe your past!  Biographies are written backwards with the most recent achievements as reference point. If you can do it today, you can overwrite the blank pages of history. Your energies, if understood properly, have no bounds. In Madras University you can find many youngsters at their age of 60+ and 70+, pursuing their Masters in Philosophy or alternate courses in Vedic scriptures. A scholar in USA was awarded Ph.D at the age of 90!  Few months ago, one American judge died at the age of 118 years and before dying he was in his office where he wrote the last judgment!  The need of the hour is to believe in yourself and keep walking. With ever increasing life expectancy it’s not just about the second innings, even the third innings is showing up! Never let the grass grow under your feet.
Friends if you think it is now too late for you to start, think twice. You are the custodian of your future. Heartbeats are the gift of God and it would be a breach of privilege if you do not act and just wait for the unknown to unfold.  With a strong will power and a never dying enthusiasm you can ink the script of your success story at any age. When you are determined for success, nothing can stop you.  In the laboratory of life you can start experimenting any day, any time. You are the only alchemist who can churn gold from life.
The next step graffiti:
•           Reinvent yourself and experiment with your life. Whatever may be your age, the time to implement your dreams is now.
•           Never cry over the time you lost, look at the future and say, “Yes, I still have my chance”.
•           Teach yourself to be always willing to convert opportunities into achievement.
•           START TODAY because today is the only day when you can start fresh and achieve your dreams.

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