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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Memorable Train Journey

I had been to various places by train and I do not think I ever had an intellectual people as my co-passengers.

A memorable eventful journey by train I had on wednesday 27 th June 2012 , for a change had an "intellectual" personalities as my co-passengers. Dr. H.V Hande,85 yrs, ( ex- Health minister at the time of MGR's CM tenure) Dr. Mohan Rao s/o Dr. B.Sreenivasa Rao, Dr. D. Kamala paediatric neurologist attached to Apollo Main Hospital . An highly resourceful, intellectual discussion we had and how time flew I do not know. We could discus on various issues - current 'Y" generation , politics in general- in education, medicine, corruption, longevity of the first gen, the stressful life etc.

Dr. Hande is so down to earth and never carried the air that he was so close to the Ex.CM that too a famous popular mass leader. He was so cool and very friendly, and he carefully avoided certain sensitive topics and one could never feel sad that he did not touch upon it. It was so casual and one wouldnot mind it also. Medicine my favourite topic, could cover up my maximum doubts. I really felt happy for the journey.It will live in my memory for ever. The saddest part was there was no camera with any of us to take the memorable pictures!

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