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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fake Pregnancy' Kahaani '

The caption would have made on e wonder what's this all about?

Why should first of all women have to fake ' pregnancy'?

Who is responsible and why?Time and again I keep saying there are many reasons for opting for surrogacy- late marriage, deciding late to go for a child, biological clock ticking alarmingly and finally not ready to undergo the nine month procedure due to the interest in career, not ready to undergo the pains, no time to wait for nine months blah...blah... And of course the society , it's nothing new already movies have been made in this regard. The inability to carry a child and the bricks and bats  thrown at them, the inhuman  society for the ' barren woman' at home etc,etc... 

As long as one could hide the facts from the immediate family, no harm is done. What if the child comes to know later in her/ his life? What would be the parents reaction and how are they going to convince their child? Have they given a thought to all these question. It's always act in haste and repent in leisure!Those who go for this should also think of the repercussions that would arise in future, so that they can avoid rupture in the relationship.

Here is the article .

AHMEDABAD: The artificial stomach Vidya Balan sported in the film 'Kahaani' was the surprise element in the climax. In real life, the fake tummy is commonly used by women opting for surrogacy to have a child but want their families to believe they are the one's carrying that bundle of joy!

Many women from traditional communities can't tell their in-laws and extended families that they have employed a surrogate and instead walk around with strap-ons for nine months to simulate a pregnant stomach.

In an extreme case, a gynecologist couple chose to have an incision on the stomach of the wife with sutures so that it looked like a caesarean section. An artificial stomach would not have worked in their case as there were many doctors in the family who are more difficult to deceive.

Surrogacy expert from Anand Dr Naina Patel says an IIT-graduate couple from Chennai opted for an artificial stomach as the woman wanted to avoid the disapproval of her in-laws. "She did not have a uterus and her in-laws would never have accepted that the child was born through another's woman's womb," says Patel.

Hema Inamdar, a soft toy maker, specializes in fake tummies. "A woman called from the UK saying she felt she was actually carrying a baby when she wore the tummy," says Inamdar. One can get artificial stomachs in sets of three. The first set simulates three, five and seven months pregnancy. The other set simulates five, seven and nine months, with one set costing roughly Rs 1,000.

Fertility expert Dr Falguni Bavishi says NRI women too succumb to familial pressure. "A Gujarati woman in the US took artificial tummies with her after employing a surrogate, so that her in-laws would believe she was pregnant. She told them that she had to deliver the baby where the IVF treatment was done, got the baby from the surrogate and went back, her secret intact," says Dr Bavishi.

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