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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dress Code for Teachers

Good decision by Tamil Nadu Education Ministry for dress guidance for Lady Teachers.
Hope Kerala does the same and in fact all over India.
Our Maha Bharath will be real Maha Bharath.

From the time I have seen teachers ,all I know,were decently dressed and those days it was only sarees and that was also worn properly with the pleats pinned neatly and pallu tucked. The blouses were never "Khushboo" blouses. 

When I became teacher my instinct told me to follow my teachers. I had back button blouses during my college days and I continued after marriage also. Later When I took up this noble profession, I stitched all like the normal blouse types. 
With the punjabi suits invading the dress culture in south it was welcomed with both hands. For one it covered from head to toe . The dupatta is supposed to cover the bosom but it never struck the one who wore or wears it now, and it's just a show piece to adorn the neck, it has lost its purpose. 
Some schools till now follow uniforms for teaching staff and they provide them also. It's good idea.
The school where I worked, had teachers wearing all types of dresses that covered the body and  one's modesty. Later as the young ,fresh graduates entered the scene, it had a different look alltogther. Some came with the long skirt , some with short skirts, some in jeans , half sarees and long skirts ,jeans - tee shirts.  The teachers should know how to present themselves in front of the children in the class and outside. Many a times parents had come and given feedback about teachers way of dressing up.It put the management into shame. Though it's individuals's right to dress up the way one wants, it can't be made as a blanket rule. 
It should be taken in the light spirit and it's not for those who are already  doing a good job.
Decency needs to be maintained at some places especially in educational institutions- a temple of learning. It's essential for  those who handle the adolescents, they have to be doubly careful in their way of dressing up. 
I have felt awkward when I had to face my female colleague not dressing up decently, had  to silently bear it. I have many times jokingly passed remarks, 'Are you Shivji or what, your duppatta is around your neck and not the way it should be.' They would straighten it and wear properly but old habits die hard, it's back to the pavilion. 
There was an objection raised for the teachers wearing glass bangles and anklets which make the sound. Teachers when they work on the black boards disturb the students' concentration so also when they are busy writing the examination, the teacher's anklet's sound disturbed their flow of thinking. We did have some teachers who felt offended saying it's their right and they have been wearing and they do not agree with the students. But all students are not the same, a teacher's job is to see a student do well and what's wrong if the teachers give up an accessory like thing?
Some ladies wear sleeveless dresses but never bother to keep their armpits clean, one can see a forest ,this applies to the extras who dance in Award shows, TV actresses too and the next door neighbors, those who travel along, it becomes an eye sore when they take out things from the luggage racks in the compartments. 
Next is those who wear transparent Punjabi dresses, do not wear a slip beneath their tops. The transparent ones give the outline of their undergarments also. It shows the contour of the battle of bulges!
My only advice to all members of my community, irrespective of whatever your nature of job, a home maker etc....after dressing up stand in front of the mirror take a look at yourself- lift your arms, rotate your body, bend, and do some basic exercises to know what's the  status of your dress 'kya haalat hai '.You can have a dry run , a teacher try to write on the board, gesture your hands, desk job people try out your bending and your revolving actions, try driving your two wheeler..etc,etc.,...........
Dressing up decently should be the priority of every woman. A few month's back ,I saw a working woman dressed up like 'inviting people's attention 'and no guessing-she succeeded in her attempt, later I came to know that her husband was away from her on an assignment abroad.  Was she doing to attract others or it's her regular way of dressing up.I pity her even I could find some more members in our group also felt there was something wrong with her. Her table was given the top priority by the servers. 
Some schools in Bangalore have given dress code to the parents who come to drop their wards in school , many  decent parents have raised objections to those parents not to come in their night dress to drop the wards as it spoils the mind of their wards and some children themselves found it awkward of their parents coming to drop them in the bus stop, school in mere nightie ,in Bermudas and shorts, unkempt hair giving an impression it was directly from the bed.... There were counter arguments but if one sees the logic it's a welcome code of conduct. Even this 'dress code' has spread to some temples in Bangalore. 
It's disgusting to see  women come to the shop in the campus in nighties in the mornings and they also come to puttheir wards in the school bus may be  at their door steps.
 Sometimes I feel we can take a leaf out of the servants who get up early in the mornings to attend to domestic chores at various houses. They may not be having good quality,  costly dresses but they have modesty and a sense of womanhood. Their dresses may not suit them but come well presenting them. Their nature of job may not go well with their dress. I hope many working places join the bandwagon and  set rules for the women to dress up  and claim respect. 
.....From Face Book this is what one of my friend commented ,"I am always someone who wears dress for your comfort.... 
But, somebody please tell these women that leggings are not pants and not to be worn with Small T-Shirts... 
Yuck... [:~o(" Seriously... I don't how their parents allowed them to go out dressed like that. They looked educated and, like they were from good middle class families...

my response was.....
 ஏதோ தருமத்துக் காகவாவது ட்ரே ஸுன்னு போட்டுண்டு இருக்காளே ன்னு சந்தோசப் படாம போயி என்னத்த கிழிக்கப் போறீங்க சாமி , ஈவ் டீசிங் நு ஒங்களை உள்ளேதள்ளிப் போட்டுடுவாங்க இந்தப் பொட்ட புள்ளக !பேசாம கண்ணய மூடிக்கிட்டு பொழப்ப போய் பாரு சாமி .என்னவோ படம் பிடிக்கிறதாம் அதுவும் ந்யுசன்சுன்னு !எந்தக் காலத் துலப் பொறந்தே புள்ள.இந்தக் காலத்துப் பொட்ட புள்ளகளே அவளோ தான் சாமி. 
two things you can do one is to make a woman stare at her, or if you have guts , go and express your concern worst comes send a letter to the editor of that area newsletter.Neither the mothers nor the girls who wear feel or experience the s... 

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