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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toilet - Paper?

We all know tissue paper,  but do you know toilet paper?

 I am just surprised to see many people joining the bogie of reading habit in the toilet, that too when one is busy doing the BIG job?!

I have friends and relatives who are addicted to this. 

All of a sudden you would find some pages missing from the main issue, and Bingo, it would come out of the toilet along with the guest.

 Thank God. I do not have anyone from my kids nor my dear husband .

It keeps haunting me how come a person can do two things at a time? Heard women are fit for multitasking but even in the bathroom?

What if they forget to  remember that  they are in the washroom.Hope they remember  to clean their bottoms. 

There are others who will be dying to read the paper and books they have carried to the room.

 I know a person who carries her ' laptop ' ( aka seat top?) to read and n'joi the mails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strange people while renovating their bathrooms, have added some book racks thoughtfully and aesthetically.Some toilets are worth seeing and using like hotels . Some will be spooky and dark, some would give out typical odour, some will have all things displayed shamelessly on the shelf ,though its a uni -washroom.

Some  have kept soft toys of the kids in the bathroom. Actually it is a place where dust and germs would easily settle on them. Kids would develop allergic symptoms and might even fall sick. 

Some have huge washbasins with the granite tops, and umpteen unwanted things are kept on them. No where it's essential that you keep stacking things just because it is a huge place to ' decorate'. Things would never be in order and kept here and there?

Some houses have a rack for keeping the towels and undergarments neatly stacked in order .

Now, I know you would  check yours!

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