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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ugadi, Gudhi Padwa

 Ugadi , the arrival of the new year  is celebrated by the people of Andhra Pradesh and parts of Karnataka,whereas   Gudhi Padwa marks the beginning of New Year in Maharashtra.

Gudhi Padwa is considered one of the
most auspicious days to start new ventures.

The legend goes that  Lord Brahma, created the world on this day and so he is worshiped specially at this time.Lord Vishnu too is said to have incarnated as Matsya, the fish, on this day.

A gudi (banner) with a swastika -marked metal pot and silk cloth is raised to announce victory and joy.

As done everywhere people prepare for the New Year by cleaning and washing their houses and buying new clothes. On the festival day they decorate their houses with mango leaves / asoka leaves the thoran  and 'rangoli' designs, and pray for a prosperous new year to bring happiness, and prosperity with good health  and visit the temples to get the Blessings og God. Some also visit the temples and other association community centres to  listen to the yearly calendar 'Panchangasravanam' as priests make predictions given as per the panchangams for the year.

Traditionally bitter leaves of the neem tree with jaggery were given as Prasad of Ugadi/Gudhi Padwa symbolising the life with good and bad events.

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