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Friday, January 13, 2012

Pune International Film Festival

A mail from my sister


last evening was the inauguration of Pune International Film festival. My delegate pass said the pass was valid for opening and closing ceremony subject to availability of seats which would be on 'first come first' basis. So you had movie buffs lining up at the venue City Pride Kothrud from 3 pm onwards, a full 90 min. before the appointed time. Around 4pm we were ushered into Screen 2. What greeted us was the 'silver screen' and no sign of a dais for the ceremony. Then it transpired that the 'actual' ceremony would take place next door at Screen 1 with VIPs and Invitees in the audience while we idiots who had paid for the passes would have to make do with a 'live telecast' in Screen 2.3and 4. This unleashed a 'kolaveri' in me as I felt my adnaav has been changed to 'Moorkha' without my knowledge or consent.

I stepped out and asked to speak to the organisers or the Press but expectedly, was turned down-I did the next best thing-a volunteer who had no clue of what awaited him came forward in all innocence and he got the full blast, with no personal offense to him of course. I came back and started 'hyper ventillating' to the ones seated around-slowly people realized they''ve been made 'ullu' and decided to step out and voice their anger- a crowd inc. yours truly walked out, stationed ourselves near Screen1 and shouted in marathi and English at whoever was going in. While the local ones understood what all the hungama  was about and rushed in without a glance, the firang ones thought they were being cheered and smiled and waved -the anti climax of it all!

I came back home and posted my comment on the festival's facebook page promptly-hell hath no fury like a woman taken for granted...

Only Pune can say 'international'' while meaning 'local'-local not as in'pune', but as in 'kothrud'.


I fully support you and appreciate the courage you have done to  show your frustration. I know how much you were anticipating  to fulfil your long wish.  

 No wonder your heart's quake hit the surface as tsunami, you disguising ,though temporarily , as moorkha,it's a well written fact that  it's our  Indian Culture to sideline the 'aam aadmi 'and stage the show.

Coming to the Delegate pass, they have 'delegated the 'screen 2' to all of you. Who cares about who has the 'paid ticket' and who has the 'free pass'?

Next, the organisers as well the VIPs forget the fact that without the' aam aadmi', they are nothing, if they exist it's because of you.There is no use of an artist if you have no wall to show-cause his artistic work !

I can very well understand the sensational ' kolaveri 'among all those who were with you at that time. Any sensible person who has made it' in advance ',' with advance booking' and reaching the venue  not to miss would not take it lying for granted to be insulted and ignored in this way. 
I appreciate the gherao and the efforts made by to grab the attention of the inefficient organisers .,  I only hope  it does  not go futile atleast in future.

I would have done  a few things then and there had I been there with you.  It's a 'smart phone world, definitely someone would have had a smart phone, ( unless you have been barred from taking it inside) the best thing would have been to keep updating the status in Face Book Pune Film Festival page. It's an easy way of venting out your anger, simultaneously posting in News channels web page on the above title. Passing the information thro' friends to others would have spread the message like a forest fire!

Gandhi giri would have helped if all those who were  in  "Screen 2'  had assembled and made a movement by saying that unless and until the organisers and press come , you would not budge an inch to air your grievances and disappointments .

Though it's not expected of everyone, I personally have  stored the contact numbers of local DSP's, MLA's Corporators' and the local TV9's reporters' , child beggary, auto complaints, Railway complaints etc   in my mobile for emergencies.  The worst comes I would have taken the help of the reporter  to insist she/ he visit the venue for first hand hot news. 

Anyone could have recorded the whole scenario and posted in FB.

Only thing is atleast they arranged for an alternative instead of making you wait like nomads!

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