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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Honored Dupatta !

Harsheeka was getting late for the dinner which her husband Hari has fixed today to celebrate her  first birthday after their marriage. Hari gifted her a beautiful pink and light blue combination chudidhar material which he got stitched as a surprise from her tailor and she was in seventh heaven . Today she left the office early to be on time  for the dinner a few km from her office.

While she was texting a message to Hari about her boarding the bus, within 2 stops, she noticed something  wrong and a big crowd gathered and she could see from the window that a girl or a lady was lying in a pool of blood and without even a second thought,she got down from the bus close to the accident site. 

She walked back and she got a shock of her life. The girl mostly in her teens was lying and her  saree was not covering her modesty, the crowd - a majority of middle aged were literally drooling and seemed to be getting a feast for their eyes. 

She just could not bear it and she immediately took off her dupatta , straightened the girl's saree and covered her body with her dupatta. 

One look at the crowd, maybe  her look conveyed more that some of them left with their head hung in shame, and for the rest she just requested them to imagine the same scene with their close ones like their mother, sister, wife  and daughter instead of the girl and whether they would tolerate this type of treatment. 

The rest of the crowd, leaving some ladies ,dispersed immediately. She decided to write a letter to the leading news paper voicing her grievance and the attitude of the onlookers.

 She called from her cell 108 services and informed the police and waited for the ambulance. In the mean time messaged Hari that she is held up in the traffic and would be late.

In a span of 7 minutes the ambulance as well the police arrived and she saw that the body was taken in a dignified manner and gave her cell number to the police to contact her if they  do not get any clue regarding the girls address .                                                                                                         
She took an auto to reach the " Eat Inn " restaurant .  She was disturbed for two reasons, one every person  has the right to die in a dignified manner or have a dignified death,how can the people be so heartless and unconcerned?  Who is that girl , a sole bread winner, or a mother, sister? How did she die ?  Was it  an accident ? How will her people know of her death, what would be their reactions?

The second thing was about her dupatta, it was a costly gift by Hari that too on her first birthday after marriage. How will Hari take it? Will he be angry? How is she going to pacify him? Is she going to spoil her evening by mentioning about the dupatta? So many thoughts crossed her mind and she didn't even notice the auto driver asking her to get down.

 She saw Hari waiting at the entrance and she smiled at him and joined him to the reserved table. He did not say anything. They just ordered. She tried her best to be normal and had their dinner . They came home .

Finally she mustered courage and explained everything to him without leaving any details. 

 On the contrary to her fear, he took it casually and said, "Sheeka, I am glad that you cared for the honour of the girl, you got down and helped her and gave a piece of your mind to the others. Absolutely relax and you don't have to feel guilty or sad."

But Hari, I can't help but feel bad and sad for my action, I shouldn't have  done, you took so much pain to get me such a costly dress and got it stitched and see what did I do? Did not even bother to see your love in your gift?  That too on my First birth day after marriage ? Such a wonderful valuable sentimental gift ?How can I be without feeling guilty? If possible please pardon me, Hari"

"Chey, chey  Sheeka, what you did was an excellent and  valuable action . I am proud of you and your thought. You do not have to feel sorry  and this week itself I can get another dupatta like the same for you." " Be happy and let's not lose our precious time and occasion. Just forget about the incident."

 On seeing what he meant, Harsheeka felt happy and hugged and kissed him to say that she is too happy and lucky to get a husband like him.

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