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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Corruption in India has become  a cultural aspect.
we, Indians  are so much used to
corruption that we do not feel peculiar about it which is deep rooted in our blood and life. It is everywhere like the air we breathe.

Our  tolerance level is so high that we are immune to the imbibed system in our day to day life and no one tries to  correct them.

With the advancement in the media and technology ,  the true and hard facts about corruption has started coming up. 

Let's take we as individuals : bribe God by giving Him a cut for favoring us legally or out of the way or for the reward irrespective of the good or bad we wish to achieve! The rich and wealthy feel by offering God he is into good books of God and does not believe in feeding the poor or needy. Is he going to get the footage in columns of newspapers? Like the [in] famous G. Janardhan Reddy gifting a crown of gold and diamonds worth Rs 45 crore to the Tirupati temple. What happened ? He is behind bars, his vow lived for life but won't he get imprisoned for life with all the dealings in the mining scam? Isn't this amount to bribing God, the Almighty in a large scale? When these VVIP's donate it takes the headlines, but the IT dept wakes up late, why?

In turn what are these temples doing in return to the public? So much of accumulated wealth and money, the trusts though care for the pilgrims in abundance, they should do something with the assets, for the downtrodden. 
Why can't we build schools , low cast houses with basic amenities and hospitals for the needy ? Improve the infrastructure without any corruption and malpractice?

J.Jayalalithaa now disowns some of her assets like chappals, and saris stating that they were added to her personal collections by the opposition party.Now the people of TN have voted her to power, the short llived memory would help this renovated new broom to sweep clean for a minimum of two years, and later it would be embezzling the treasury to the fullest.

Our morality is at stake, as our eyes dilate on seeing the piles of currency. We want to live for the present, so bribing takes place from the birth to death. 
The craze for the 'notes 'has made some prominent and eminent personalities in the top position to become traitors.

Look at the corruption going on and reported in the country, gradually every state is bringing the skeletons from their cupboards  for others to see, whether it's ten years old or ten hours old. 

Unless and until each and every citizen feels the need to eradicate and bid 'good bye' to corruption , we are going to rot in this system with no benefits to humanity.
At least the other 'C' word - cancer has some medicine to cure or suppress it but the big 'CORRUPTION has no medicine to cure .

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