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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why no one is happy?

What is the value of happiness ?

Happiness is a state of mind and we keep accumulating things like mobile phones, cameras, DVDs, VCDs ,ipod, cars, digital instruments just for the heck of it. How many can recall when was the last time one has used them, how often and how useful they are now?

We are not content with what we have. unless and until we acquire the things we do not have. The exchange mela  offer comes handy to give and pay more to buy a better one. As long as the offer is alive our longings also survive. Who's wrong and what is wrong and where?
Whether it's car, PC, laptop, cell phones and other gadgets we would like to flaunt the recent in the market. Do we need it really, can we do with the basic ones, or is it worth going for the up gradation of gadgets? How many of us think with sense of their utility?

If a phone is  just for contacts in emergencies  why do we have to go for the costly ones when we can very well do with the simple ones? How many are happy with the limited resources and simple gadgets? All cannot be living in the lap of luxury all the time. 

A wrist watch is to see the time and the basic one would do with the minimum cost rather than go for the costlier one. What is its purpose? An ordinary TV would do instead of a plasma one. 

The more one goes towards these gadgets they become 'stay connected' mortals with not much knowledge about things happening around them. more money on gadgets and less time for people. Everyone has to spend some good quality time with family members as stress busters, it is essential in the current stressed life.

The mirage of chasing the unwanted bubbles makes one to have less happiness. There is no guarantee that tomorrow you will be happy.

Happiness lost is gone , a day gone is gone out of hands.

What is the use of these gadgets when you do not have anyone to talk to or spend time with you? The luxurious life will not replace the human touch in your life.Try to live for being happy.

Go in search of the value of happiness around you.

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