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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tri Fill Pudding

We went to attend  an engagement ceremony  recently and on our return we learnt that  guests are coming  for a casual visit, and we did not have much to offer. 

Suddenly it was decided D-i-l would do a quick Try Fill .


Marie biscuits /digestive biscuits / flavoured creamy biscuits
sponge cake 
tinned fruits/ stewed apple/ pear sliced mango/ seasonal fruit
ice cream / custard 

method :

Crumple the biscuits for the first layer
Then add the spongecake ... this too crumple
Take only the fruits from the tinned fruit and spread over
Spread the ice cream as the fourth layer and serve

For mangoes use mango flavor ice cream , keep changing the flavors of the ice cream and biscuits. You get pineapple, orange  flavored biscuits.

Mix just before serving.

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