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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let your Anger settle down.

We keep hearing people say, ' he is a short tempered person, angry young man,  etc.
Actually anger is one of the worst quality a person can have and still allow it to grow with him/ her. 

Anger makes one lose his/ her senses and act on an impulse and repent in lais=ure later.
 When a person is angry, reasoning  takes a back seat and becomes the slave and victim of anger. He himself might not know the repercussions. His failure to remain calm and cool makes him a fool in the presence of others.

Whenever anyone one becomes angry , should defer the argument, discussion and should not react immediately .Actually the' pregnant  pause ' will allow him to deliver things safely. 

One has to give time for the disturbed mind to settle down as in the case of a muddy water. The mud stays at the bottom once the movement and the jolt settles down in the container. The water becomes fit for use. This effortless result is due to the time given for it to become clear.

One should not act and remain cool to get a positive result.So one's peace of mind is at one's own hands. If one has peace within him, there is peace outside him also.

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