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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girl Kids ... in Limelight?

It's sickening to see how innocent  kids are used by the parents and treated as communal property just for the heck of it.

Children dress up like teens and just see the types of dreeses and clothes hung for 7 to 14 yrs in any malls or shops. I just can't digest the way they are designed, are they supposed to cover the body of a growing up or for grown up? They are provocative in design as well in the texture of the materials it has been made.

The irony is the parents themselves go for these type of dresses for their "young ladies in the offing?"

Some small girls may not even know the meaning of what is written on their T-shirts.They do not mind wearing what is given to them by their parents, parents in return are proud of their little Aishwaryas and Kareenas.

Some of the shows for kids are responsible for pushing the girls to this extent, parents in order to get the footage go to any length to acquire the seconds shown on TV. Especially the dance shows, the songs picked up by them oh ,god. I remember Saroj khan once gave her piece of mind to a girl directly on her face in front of the audience that she can't tolerate a girl of six gyrating for the nasty grooves of the sexy item number.But some of the judges express the dance as sensuous, sexy etc....

These innocent girl kids become the objects of desire and targeted by perverts hanging in the society.For us the child is nice and talented but many can misuse the child's talent to their benefit. Won't a child approach a person who says he can give her tips to improve her dancing skill? Where is the yardstick for the child to know the real or ulterior motive? This 'dancing attraction' would prove itself as a danger waiting to happen?

Will the responsible parents wake up to reality?


  1. Yet again, You have put in words what I ve always felt and my mother and I have discussed many a time.. :). It really shocks me to see children stepping out in clothes that invite trouble thanks to the so called fashion and race to modernity :(

  2. first of all, why children to be engaged in advertisement. Is it not child labour.
    Only if poor people work in tea stall or some where for their livelihood, people call it child labour. who is going to bell the cat.

  3. payalreddy32

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    very true. I'm sure this post will start a thinking process among the parents.

    I laud u for the thought.
    Girls in lime light?

    Mathanki, wonderful article. We used to watch Sa re Ga Ma music show in Zee TV. Then watched Little Sa Re Ga MA. My husband refused to watch it even thought the kids sung very well. Because as you said that he couldn't take the dance moves. Very sad.
    If i say that to any of or country people, they blame West for it. I have local friends whom wouldn't let the children dress in short skirt or strange T shirts. Older kids can understand it, but young ones, the parents have to guide them. In one of our firend's house, two kids perfomed Tamil movi song " Kalyanma Panni konndu Odi pollama or --" soemthing like that. It was so embracing to see and hear them do these kind of dances.


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    Dear Mathangi ma'm...
    perfectly narrated....I used to wonder why little girls wear high heels....can't figure out where the change should mfrs....
    Thanks and regards,

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    Not only the kids are wearing these kind of dresses, the mothers too wearing same kind of dresses, in the name of fashion. Which is very pathetic.
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    Very well written Ma'm.. It saddens to see that the parents who should be guiding them against such gestures are themselves introducing them to this.. If they start wearing such dresses in the age they do not understand it, once they grow they will have no qualms about wearing anything because they will be sure that their moms would not object! Really sorry state of affairs!
    As CL rightly pointed out, we cannot simply put the blame on western trends as my cousins, who were born and brought up in Germany shy to wear even skirts to tight fitting tees (they still wear only Kurtas) whereas the Indian born and brought up cousins dont mind wear hugging tees or skin tight jeans.. I think its only about the guiding the parents can give!
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    Nice article mathangi.. I'm with you.. I used to watch Super Singer... Only once I watched Super Singer junior.. I cannot take up that the kids are dancing for many item songs.. Its really horrible.. I used to feel very bad.. Hope this article gives some knowledge to the parents who encourage these kind of activities.. !
    With Love

    1. I am glad that many join my bandwagon in this regard, first of all I feel even the judges need to be spoken to for the competitions and they are lured by the big packet as remuneration and throw modesty to winds1.Secondly the organisers, all they want is TRP and not any culture, decency or modesty.Thirdly the parents who chase the bubble reputation and a mini footage on TV.
      Unless and until everyone involved unanimously feels it nothing can be achieved.

  4. croco

    Nicely written!
    These days TV serials, advertisments, programs showing too much.....and youngsters watch it and follow.
    Posted by: vidzmom
    On: 11th February 2012 04:38 PM

    This going to be my first post on IL. I have been reading the posts from the so many months, but this particular topic made me register with IL & post my views. I completely agree with ur views here. I am a mother of a 2 yrs old girl. I will not be very happy to c my daughter aping the dance moves that are played on the television. I think a child should behave their age, else they lose out the innocence. Parents need to 1st restrict themselves only then they can expect their kids to follow. Today we may feel very happy that our child is singing all those vulgar songs & encourage her but tommorrow we ourselves will be embarassed when does the same in front of a guest or someone. So the girls must be taught right at a very young age as to wht is modesty all about & why certain things the girls are not supposed to do. It has nothing to do with the so called equality that we talk abt between a girl child & a boy child. it is just that the girls should know abt it.