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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Food items to Goddess Durga during 9-days Navratri Durga Puja

Devotees offer different food items to Goddess Durga during 9-days Navratri Durga Puja
This may differ from place to place in North India and South India. All the offerings made to the Goddess should be distributed among devotees and to the poor. Though, there is many differences in North and South Indian Naivedyam list, here is a list of Naivedya for all the nine-day of Navratri Puja. It can be followed by all regions without any hesitance. 

First day of Navratri, Pratipada: Ghee or products made of ghee. It makes the devotee free from all diseases and makes him healthy.
 Second day of Navratri, Dwitiya: Sugar or the food made with Sugar products. For this Goddess Durga blesses the devotee with fullest happiness and good health.
Third day of Navratri, Tritiya: Milk or the products prepared with milk. Durga Ma blesses the devotees for this with peace and mental happiness in the life.

Fourth day of Navratri, Chaturthi: Offer the Goddess the products made with Maida and sugar. It blesses the devotee to get rid of all his sins.
 Fifth day of Navratri, Panchami: Bananas or any other fruits but offering bananas gives psychological maturity for the devotee.
 Sixth day of Navratri, Sashti: Honey or the products made of honey. It makes devotee free from any mental illness and provides them fullest confidence to face any challenge in life with ease.

Seventh day of Navratri, Saptami: Offer items made of jaggery. It makes the devotee wealthy for all the coming generations.
 Eighth day of Navratri, Ashtami: Offer Coconut or any other product made of coconut water. It makes the devotee happy and prosperous in his life.
 Ninth day of Navratri, Navami: Grains such as wheat, maze, etc on this day makes the devotee free from all his bonds and provides him salvation after his death.

There are different Naivedyam items for Navratri puja in South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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