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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grand Parents in Life

 All are not blessed to have grand parents, and here I would like to highlight only the positive aspects of being with Grand parents. They become GREAT parents if they mould their grand kids as good human beings, sensitive to the surroundings.

They  have a way with  grand kids and kids also listen to their grand parents out of interests and love. In matters related to morality, civic sense, some good habits look up to their gr.parents . They know they would not let them down when the actions of their parents do not coincide with their words. 

They teach the values and virtues without giving the title to it,like the hidden curriculum.Basic things like thanking God, keeping clean, the importance of playing games, moral values  are imbibed in them without their knowledge.

The mere utterance of grand parents brings spark in the kids' faces, why because they have a way with them .Parents busy with their own occupation do not have enough time to watch or track their own kids, in this aspect grandparents come to their rescue. They are aware of their actions and kids also know that they are well monitored.

They help to maintain the family relationship into a pleasant bondage , thus no room for the bondage to be drifted apart. They live through their grand kids, it's a cycle as such parents of all gen do not have much time to be with their own kids due to preoccupation. It's a blessing in disguise for the working couples. They can heave a sigh!

If they are educated enough to take care of their grand kids syllabus, it becomes handy and they come closer to them also. The mere thought that they are able to help them in studies strengthens the bondage.

All grand parents are also blessed to be their grand kids!

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