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Friday, May 27, 2011

Second Drive!

Paresh has lost his wife soon after his marriage in an accident, he escaped with minor injuries and his wife was thrown out of her pillion and came under the wheel of a tipper lorry and died on the spot .

 His mother Lochana could not bear his loneliness inspite of giving him a year to get over the loss. Now she feels since his wife chithra  lived with him hardly for  3 months, he should get married to an unmarried  girl only. 

Many girls biodata has  started pouring in and she placed a few selected ones in a cover and told him to go thro and give a positive reply especially by choosing  from the unmarried girls lot.

Paresh could not say 'no' as he knows being the only child, of his parents, he can understand their feelings and concerns for him.

He just wanted some time more and he is so much confused about the status of the girl he is going to marry, may be second for him and first for her. With this thought in mind, he boarded the a/c  bus and after purchasing the ticket as usual went and occupied the last seat since his stop is the last one. 

After a few stops, two college students boarded and sat next to him. He was not at all interested in their conversation, but could not avoid it totally.
The one sitting next to him started the conversation about his friend going for a new car. Let's listen to it.

''Sam ,what happened to your plan of buying a new car for this season sale before April?''

''Leave it Rohit , my dad is not ready to get me new one, he says I have to be happy with my brother's car, in return my brother, Sarad would get a new car  as we will be shifting to our new house shortly.''

''But you can still fight it over , don't give up, this is not fair. At least your brother, Sarad should have intervened and told your father to get you the new one.''

''True, I also felt the same, see, Sarad has already bought a new car and used it, and he is second time lucky to drive a brand new car , and I have to satisfy with his old one'. 'When would I get a chance to drive a new one?'This is totally unfair, he can't be having the new car twice and  also driving it ?'' 

''Talk to your brother and make him understand that since he has already had the pleasure of new car, now it's your chance to go for the next new one.''  ''I am sure you will succeed, try and best of luck for your new car''.  ''If you hesitate, and if you don't mind can I come and talk to your father?''

''No, no, I will try my best''. 

With this they got down and Paresh is very clear now and he decided to choose a girl for him and he planned that soon after going home, he should pick up all the unmarried ones and keep them aside and choose from girls who have become widows second choice for the divorcees.

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  1. Re: Second Drive!
    Posted by: shashiv
    On: 4th July 2011 03:53 AM

    A very wonderful write up.. Enjoyed reading. thanks for sharing.

    Re: Second Drive!
    Posted by: sapthu02
    On: 4th July 2011 07:35 AM

    this was too good.. a very good thought!!
    Re: Second Drive!
    Posted by: Padhmu
    On: 4th July 2011 05:19 PM

    good theme. nice to read.