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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bangalore to Tirutani, back to Bangalore via Tiruvannamalai

A nice curve

  The road from the opp. direction.

 The road from behind

up the hill

 Up the road

The mountain view.

 Road ahead.

 the view with our car

only the mountain  -1

only the mountain -2

A slight heavy traffic
 We had a function to attend on 12 the Dec, 2010  in Chennai, it was a long time  desire to go to Tirutani and Tiruvannamalai, since three of us have decided to go, we set out our journey by car. [Tirutani I ‘m going after 1981, and Arjun after 1979]

Bangalore to Tirutani via Vellore-Ranipet-Sholingur.  256 km.  NH 7 &  NH205 

On 11 th Dec, 2010 we left Bangalore [Koramangala] by 7 am and stopped by A2B [Adayar Ananda Bhavan for heavy breakfast by 8.15 after travelling for an hour and 15 min the 89 km stretch. Unusually it was crowded with not less than 100 cars with all types of the Khichdi Indian people thronging the counter; by the time we reached hot idlis vanished and only dosa, vada and upuma, pongal available and it was self service ‘zara hatke’ from their regular server services. 

After filling our fuel tanks we decided not to stop at ‘Saravana Bhavan’ our regular joint and directly head to Tirutani.

 Till Vellore it was a smooth journey after Vellore we took the route via Ranipet,   Sholingur, and reached Tirutani by 11.30 am. We went up the hill and took special darshan ticket for Rs. 10 each ,thinking that it was the last Karthik month, Saturday Sashti. But we were wrong. There was hardly any rush and we could finish darshan by 15 minutes, lo! We did not see the …Aabath Sahaya Ganapathy, we realized this only after coming towards the car?

 I do not have any trace of memory having visited earlier this place.

 Again we went to have darshan by standing in the 'Q' with others which did not take including darshan 30 min in all.

 Now comes the lunch, we were in a dilemma whether to have there or on the way, we were sure no good hotel on the way to Chennai, and it would be too late to have in Chennai. 

 Selecting between the known devil and unknown evil , we went for the Sri. Kumaran hotel, O God, so,so  food, I can give 3 out of ten for the food, service etc. Can beggars be choosers?

Tirutani to Chennai 85 km via Kanakamma chathiram ,Poondi, Tiruvallur, and Pattabhiram.

 Bidding bye to one of the Arupadai Veedu, we embarked on our horrible journey to Chennai travelling the CHEWING GUM  [ you just have to keep chewing gum in your mouth and it will start moving from one side to the  whole mouth , gives you the pleasure of not taking pains to chew, ] road  cursing the State government  who are  still relaying the road.[ it was our mistake to plan our trip during post monsoon time in T.N]Some places so low lying that a little heavy rain would have inundated the road. 

We braving the  unleveled and uneven and idli plate  road [n Tamizh it’s ‘குண்டும் , குழியுமா’ ] finally heaved a sigh when the road joined us the Sriperumbudur main road  -NH4 .

There after we were familiar with the topography and could easily go thro' the roads to Mambalam Panagal  park  for purchase. We attended the family function in Velachery and madipakkam.

Chennai to Tiruvannamalai  via Vellore 143 km NH 7

 We left Chennai to Tiruvannamalai on the  13th, Monday morning by 7 am.

We are particular that we fill 'SHELL' petrol and unfortunately we could not get many on the way to Chennai. So next time we decided to Google and carry the information with us, we did find in Porur, Anna Nagar, but did not want to go a long way so skipped thinking that we would fill on the way to Vellore. Fate had something else, continuously 3 petrol pumps did not have petrol from Sriperumbudur to a 40 km distance , then we had to fill petrol from the one available, running out of fuel. 

In 2 hrs time we were in Saravana Bhavan for tiffin and left for Tiruvannamalai by taking SH 9 and SH 1 via kannamangalam, Pennathur and Polur covering 86 km in two  and half hrs , the road was not so bad but it cannot be called as a beautiful highway after all it is SH , many contractors have to cut their share and the rest left over is utilized for the laying of roads. 

 After reaching Tiruvannamalai, around 12.30 pm, we had the darshan, there was heavy rush owing to the Melmaruvathur devotees taking the blessings of Lord Annamalai. 

While waiting in the Q, we had a verbal duel with some other devotees who tried to act smart  not only by squeezing in between us but also half way joined the darshan 'Q' for the second time with one time purchase of spl ticket.  The funny part was a ‘gentleman who tried to intervene happened to be another Q breaker!

Father and son lost their temper and throwing all cautions to wind decided to see ‘ஒரு  கை ’ I was more worried about the photos and names flashing on the TV and newspaper and time running out, had to intervene and calm them . I could sense both were ready to slap the ‘lady sadhu!?”who questioned Arjun what his father did  [ உங்கப்பன்   என்ன  வேலை செஞ்சான் ?] Arjun could take it no longer, and pounced on her –thank god there were railings in between other wise I do not know what would have happened.

 He was still agitated and requested me to pray on his behalf coz, he was disturbed after the confrontation. 

We went and complained to the temple authorities and a security came to take us for a proper darshan and we declined the offer, means trespassing other devotees who are in the Q. Though my husband wanted to have lunch there, I did not want to have , we know not much choice except one or two hotels. I miscalculated the journey from Tiruvannamali to Krishnagiri  thinking we could reach in 2hrs.

Tiruvannamalai to Bangalore 206 km via Uthangarai, Chengam NH 66 NH 7  

God why did we decide to visit this place during rainy season? We left by 1.30 noon.
 The roads were slushy, muddy and only a snake can slither nicely on this stretch up to the main highway to Krishnagiri.  Suddenly one can find a big hole filled with rain water  with 3 feet diameter ,either in the middle or towards the edge. 

I have the cervical spondylitis problem since 2004 and it was a terrible journey for me in spite of  wearing my collar. Sitting at the back seat  added misery to the journey.  I forgot to carry the back rest cushion this time. 

With 80 km speed, we can hardly see the pots and pancakes on the road, unless we come to some 6-7 feet distance. With the trucks and lorries  going Zigzag, it was like you have your heart in your hand, and Arjun was having a tough time steering as per the potholes, if you try to avoid one you end up with some other unexpected one, the recent rain has worsened the road. 

The journey thro' this road can be named as,' Free, easy Delivery road'!  No need for any pain inducers or trouble, seeing the condition the baby will find its way out easily. 

Thank god the next day I heard it was raining heavily in Tiruvannamalai. After 3 hrs we could reach the NH 7 leading to Krishnagiri, then ah! it was a cake ride. We halted at A2B for lunch at 3 .30 pm and fortunately there was 3 plates meals available so we could have and for the first time I cleared  all items in my plate in my life!

 We left A2B by 4 pm and were at home by 5.45 slightly late due to the E' city flyover and madiwala signal .

When we reached home,  there was no electricity, and climbed the stairs once we switched on the lights [thanks to the UPS ], the power supply also resumed. 

 We decided never to visit Tiruvannamalai unless the roads are neatly done. We avoided the Dindivanam route citing the bad roads and came all the way via  Vellore from Chennai.

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