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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Unsung Heroes 2008-0 9

This was last year's

CNN IBN with the Joint collaboration with Mukesh Ambani's Reliance every year recognizes the unsung heroes in multiple fields like social service, health and disability, , women's welfare, , etc,. I never miss this telecast, if time permits I keep watching it again and again. And always thank God and appreciate these God sent people who do a lot of selfless service to the needy, in spite of their personal loss ranging from a minuscule degree to a large degree, many have built foundation on their loss.

Their indomitable spirit of these Real heroes is praise worthy. Their struggle to achieve their ambition is commendable.

I would like to give some example heroes, A lady who is born to a prostitute from the Red Light Area, had to struggle a lot to come out of it and still people behind her back scorn her . When she concluded her speech Nita Ambani hugged her and here her actions spoke louder than words, in that hug one could see affection, concern and the motherly love , many ladies gave standing ovation.

Mr. Ram Snehe in his teens found out that only in his community a first girl child was welcomed with both hands because she becomes an earning member and she is pushed to prostitution by the family members for livelihood, in some places the brothers become the Dalals. He felt his eyes were bleeding so decided and tried his best to put and end reform his community.

Ms Uma Preman, who did not know that her husband was suffering from TB and after losing her husband to TB,she started serving people with the medical knowledge center, and donated one of her kidneys.

Auto Raju form Bangalore, was aroadside boy due to wayward nature his parents threw him on the road and he got into bad companies and was behind bars for some time. After completing his jail term, he decided to take care of destitutes, mentally unsound people who had noone to care for. .. Though he speaks quite good English , he says he is only a class two pass boy, and he has many to support him. Thanks to many kind hearted people , he is able to fulfill the needs of these uncared ones . His main aim is to fulfil the last wishes of people who are on the verge of dying. Some of them would like to have , cola, Pepsi, ice cream, and apples.

A girl who was good in academics as well an athlete and a sports person , got engaged but unfortunately due to someone's negligence driving led her to be a wheel chair dependent. Her dream of becoming a Civil Servant did not come thro' her marriage broke, all her excellence in all fields were crushed under her wheel chair, and with the support of her parents and her siblings she took up the educare of the needy in Orissa.

Hats off to thee people for their selfless work done in this selfish world of corruption and scams...

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