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Friday, October 22, 2010

Spellings Made Easy

Given below is an article written by me which was published in CityPlus a local newspaper of Jagran news desk.

 English is a funny language. No rule can be applied to any word.
No hard and fast rules can set right the spellings.

 It is quite normal when the teacher comments, ‘atrocious spellings’, ‘improve your spellings’, ‘check spellings’.

Parents buy umpteen spell checks and thesaurus, dictionaries to improve spellings. With the present day, messaging thro’ mobile has further added to the misery!

 Here is a mini guide to improve you spellings. No rules only clue in a very simple language.

 The most common errors made in spelling ‘friend, chief, thief and quiet’. To avoid the confusion of ie or ei, first question yourself in mind, who is the friend? Simply answer by saying ‘I’ .Then your confusion gets over because you know it is ie and not ei: that is   ‘friend, chief, thief’.

 Words like deceive receive; will have the letters ‘c’, ‘e’ in the same order as they appear in the English alphabet.

Secondly, with the words like ‘here, where, there’ the common words are ‘here’. Remember the last four letters, which tell you about the place.

 The spelling of ear, a part of the body, this enables you to hear, so hear.

Loose and lose, This is quite common with adults.

 Loose has double ‘o’s because it has one extra when compared to lose, why?  The l o s e has lost one o. Loose is giving the clue that it is not tight.

 Acc-o-mm-odation has double ‘c’ double ‘m’ signifying that it has more space.

The spelling of tomorrow is doubling of ‘r’s that is two r r’s in a row, so

The spelling of stationery where you get pencils, papers and pens note books etc is –ery and not ary. Why because- they sell pens, pencils.

Stationary- [means which is a- always there] has a in the word which helps you to remember that the letter a is always there.

Occasion has double cc- stressing that it is celebration time.

Together is to be remembered as to- get-her.

However, it is to gather something, e.g. we went together to gather some old newspapers.

 Beautiful is to be split, as be-au-ti- ful,

 Immediate  as im-medi-ate.

 Opportunity has two o’s that is ‘options’,

 Separate is se-pa-rate

 Calendar is cal-en-dar

 And finally, all words beginning with the letter q will have u following it.

e.g. quick, quilt, quill, queue, quite and quiet.

 Finally, to be thorough with the spellings there are two ways to remember, one is to break the words and remember the spellings or write the words on the door with chalk piece or on paper and paste them on your room cupboard or door .The frequent eye contact will help you to have a photographic memory. Whenever you are in doubt of the spellings always write and see, you will get the correct ones.

 [This method of writing and pasting can be done for remembering the arithmetic tables, formula, symbols for the chemicals and the capitals of States.]

 Every one can find out an easy way to remember the spellings as I have found out. You can also try and to your surprise, you will see that you have not only found the easy way out but also mastered in spellings.

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