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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Movies - a review.

Today out of the blue I watched a Tamizh movie titled  'Priyamana Thozhi ['பிரியமான தோழி ] Madavan,Jyothika, and SrideviVijayakumar  noon show in SUN TV . After a long time I liked and was glued to a Tamizh movie, a good one highlighting friendship between a boy and girl who are friends from childhood.

The cast, the story and the value of true friendship was portrayed well, without crossing the limit and the wife's part  of understanding  her  husband's  true friendship is well done. One thing I could not understand, why should the girl friend be a Christian one, why did the story writer do so? Is it to make the people gossip about their friendship? What is he trying to say?

 It is a film by Vikraman I do not know when this was released.

 A few months back I watched 'Santosh Subramaniam', a true real reel movie , one can co -relate to a normal middle class family.

 Last month I watched 'Subramaniapuram'  a movie full of violence and nothing else. I watched only for the song Kangal irandaal  [கண்கள்  இரண்டால்]  that too because Kaushik sang on his wedding day and it has a carnatic ragam  background , otherwise I would never recommend it .

I prefer  Hindi comedies which are light and make you laugh, just enjoy  every moment while watching, I belong to the category who laugh loudly while watching.

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