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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It has become a regular feature nowadays to punish the kids in school and the authorities’ turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the parents. Corporal punishment is taking its toll on innocent kids. I have been reading quite a lot and it is both the junior and senior students are affected. The rigid and inhuman teachers who still stick to the old adage ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ are the weeds of the society.

Gone are those days where beating was considered the most effective way of disciplining the child but it has changed.

The best way is to talk that too pep talk to the students, take them into confidence and one can see wonders. I have seen during my generation it worked and the parents were quite happy that the teachers were doing what they were incapable of i.e. correcting their wards. There was neither any law and Human Rights Commission to protect the children nor any objections from the parents regarding their wards in corporal punishments.

No one is bad.

The recent incident in Bangalore where three class one kids were punished brutally by the teachers for not pinning their school ID cards to uniform, the punishment making the 6 year old to run 10 times around the school playground [ 60mx 60m ] and do a 50 sit-ups . The worst part is the Principal and the school Vice principal supervised the punishment.

One of these kids complained of ear pain, she complained of breathlessness after finishing 10 rounds, inspite of that she was not given water and according to the mother though the girl refused to run, the principal insisted. The doctor who treated the child said the pain in the external ear was due to holding it during the sit-ups. She is now complaining of body pain.

Small kids are totally dependent and they need a constant monitoring and guidance especially when they have all these extra things like ID cards, diary, tie, different sets of shoes and uniform for different days etc.

Even in offices people are let free, what way is the ID going to help the kid inside the school premises.

Where is the care for the very young ones among the teachers who bring out the future generations?

No physical exercise is going to make the child amend the lapses!

The best way to punish the child is to make her / him learn a poem, table, story, or something constructive so that it helps the child rather than harming the child’s psychology.

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  1. The moment the kid gets the message to his or her brain saying "At the most you will hit me, go ahead" there the parent fails and he wud never correct that child again in his lifetime.