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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Temporary Bubble!

I am Suleka and I just got my my XII board results. I was busy attending to my ill grand mother that I forgot to meet a gentleman from our city who offers scholarship for under graduation to the most ten deserving students , out of which six are girls.

I am just waiting to get a scholarship . I hope to get one for me and I am on my way to see him.

I will get in touch with you once I come out after meeting him, a copy of my certificate and other details are with him. wait please........

What a luck, why did I tell you , my luck ran out ... I have to try next year, of course mine will be the first application. [ you wonder why I did not get? easy, First come first served.] Sorry Suleka better luck next time.

In the mean time I should think of doing something useful and worth mentioning .I do not know how my parents are going to take this disappointment, my father works as a billing agent in a local factory, my mother works in a small retail outlet.

I am forunate to get parents like them who are very understanding and they are very practical. I have a younger brother who is just six and he has lost his left foot in a road accident while he was playing. He was given a peanut amount as compensation. All he needs is a major surgery and an artificial leg to support him while walking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

''Hi, Suleka, what are you doing?. You didn't even notice me standing imn front of you for sometime?''

''Sorry, come Rumpa''. ''How come you have come back in two months ,your 'miya' got bored of or what?''

''No, no.. he is very well happy , he just had to go on tour for a week, so I came to be with nani, you know she is admitted in 'Jivan Raksha '.

''Oh, I see.''

''What happened to your B.Com? '', ''Did you get the sponsorship?''

' I just missed it this year, I do not know what to do for a year!'

''You are right, either do a computer course, or go for medical transcription course.''

''Leave it now, tell me how are your in-laws, how is your married life?''

''It is fine , you know all my in-laws are very good people and they just treat me like a Rani''

''Suleka, what is this you have kept the door open?'' Oh, sorry, arre, Rumpa when did you come?''

'' Namaste aunty, just fifteen minutes back ''

''Suleka, did you get the scholarship?''

''No, ma, I was just late, let's see later.''

''Suleka, can you come with me to the hospital tomorrow morning, you are also getting board?''

''Oh yes, what time you tell me, I will finish the night dinner preparation , but I must be home by six , my tuition students will be coming.'

* * * * * * * *
They go to the hospital , Rumpa is busy attending her grand mother, Suleka is getting bored so walks along the corridor . Suddenly her ears become sharp after listening to the interesting conversation held among three people perhaps even four but not sure. Since it is interesting she further listens to it .

Rumpa comes and they go home, she continues her tuition and goes to bed.
However hard she tries to get away from the conversation she could not and a flash comes to her mind! On the spot she decides to help out them.

Next day she reveals her plan to her only close friend Rumpa , she knows nothing can change Suleka's mind once she decides so just nods in appproval.

The next day as Suleka insisted they both see the concern doctor and Suleka gets her doubts clarified and gives her green signal. The couple are called and after a brief introduction Suleka signs the contract so that no legal hassle comes later.

Suleka after a lot of discussion and explaining lies to her parents that she will be escorting a rich , old lady to a hill station to be a care taker for a few months once the lady's children from abroad settle permanently in India, she will leave them and come back. She also assures her parents that every month she will be given a lumpsum amount as salary. She convinces her parents with two things ,one is that anyhow with the scholarship coming only the next year she has a long way to go, second her brother's treatment could be done with the amount she gets .

Initially her parents are reluctant but they know they can trust Suleka, consent to her idea.

On one fine day she moves with her bag and baggage with the couple to an unknown place. Later after reaching she gives them her mobile number and keeps informing them about her job and welfare.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Exactly after eleven months she returns home on a wintry morning with bag and baggage. Her parents could not for a second recognise her! Only when she addresses them could they notice her, she has put on weight, there is a glow on her face and they are happy to see her back.

She keeps talking to them about how well she was taken care of , and the old lady literally treated her as her grand daughter pouring so much affection and love. She says she is really blesssed to have got an opportunity to be with them and spend a long time.

'' Ma, now I do not have to worry about anything , Santosh's treatment can start and very soon he can start walking like any normal human being , I can also go to college and complete my studies. ''

'' All by the Grace of Iswar, the hurdles and the pall of gloom will disappear, I should tell your father to repair the roof and the floor"

All are happy with the elevated status due to Suleka and they go to bed with a big smile and hoping 'Tomorrow 'brings good days ahead!

Suleka tries hard to sleep ;she can cut herself from the long acquaintance.
But how can I hide the big truth from them?

If I tell the truth how will they take it?

Or if they come to know later what will be their reactions?

Will they love me in the same way?

Will I be sent away from the house?

Am I breaking their trust?

Will I be able to respect myself?

After a lot of confrontation within her she finally decides to take them into confidence, and finally break the news that she was the surrogate mother for a childless couple who could not bear the child due to some medical grounds.

She is sure aftert initial hicupps they will definitely if not bapu, atleast her mother will support her for her gesture!

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