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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Ribbon

Zarina and her friends are very mad after tele serials and they do not mind giving up food and attending marriages. They are the ardent fan of Ekta's serials if given a chance they can present a paper on that.

They are in their teens, and Suraiya ,Zarina's mom, had been to the fun fair and got her a white , silk ribbon for her matching dress to be worn the next day.

Zarina after a lot of coaxing agreed to accompany her mother to the naming ceremony of her nephew on the condition that they be home by seven in the evening. She did not want to miss the ''Raksha Bandhan'' special episode . She was ready the next day and about to leave when some one came asking for the address. She as usual was giving directions, all of a sudden one among them spread a shawl on her and lifted her and bundled her in the van kept ready. She tried her best to shout and attract the passers by but failed. She understood it was a clear case of kidnapping!

Those who kidnapped her took her to a haunted place and made her sit in front of the so called boss who was exactly like the villains in serials with the broad frame, heavy voice and presented a serious look.

She could calculate roughly what they are upto, their intention was to make money and they would have miscalculated her for some rich 'sone ki murgi'.

They were speaking in broken English and she could understand some but a majority of their coversation made no sense.

Suddenly , not ready to miss her favourite episode, she seriously started to think of ideas from the serials.

Lo, the Bulb flashed, quickly she untied the white ribbon from her platted hair and tied it around the wrist of the boss, greeting him on the eve of Raksha Bandhan.

Then what.... Can you not guess the ending?
Of course overwhelmed by her gesture the boss released her safely back in the same place.

What folks did not like the end and my idea!............

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