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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Give a second chance

Tamil Nadu Dy. Cm Mr. Stalin and his wife recently joined the organ donors band wagon. Organ donation is a priceless gift .The thought of donating organs may not even have occurred to many people, so the first step is to bring it within the public consciousness. The need for a massive support from the public for transplantation based on voluntary organ donation was stressed at the recent seminar held recently.

The best scenario is to step up cadaveric organ donation is if the relatives of the brain-dead are provided free second class railway pass and health insurance cover to donate organs of the dead. With awareness increasing, more and more volunteers have pledged their organs and do not hesitate to save lives in the event of a death in the family. To narrow the huge gap between demand and supply, simplifying organ donation is essential.

Donations from a single person can save the lives of at least seven people in need, not counting those helped by skin and bone marrow transplants. Of these, blood, bone marrow and kidneys can be donated by people during their lifetime. [the first two are regenerated, and people can live complete lives even with one kidney].

Transplantation surgeons, counsellors, paramedical and medico-legal experts hope to motivate people to talk about and think about organ donation, and a climate where transplantation becomes an acceptable mode of medical treatment.

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