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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An article Published in City Plus,mar 06, 2009

Stop this brutal foetus test!

Reader’s Speak' YeDuniya Gol hai.'

Is it true? Yes, may be in the course of five decades, if history repeats itself. In the sense, in which female foetuses are destroyed after the sex determination test. This test is so pathetic that even before the innocent girl child sees the light of day, she vanishes into darkness in the womb itself!Have we forgotten the balancing act of the universe? The male-female ratio. It is a disgrace for the woman -- the mother-to-be -- to join hands in this sex detection act.

It is indeed the same woman who first becomes a girl child to be wedded later to become a mother. We fail to foresee the consequences of our thoughtless action, under which one Draupadi with many husbands in each house will be legally raped and we, the people, could only sit and watch helplessly, having dug the grave not only for ourselves but also for the future generation! We make such a furor over rape victims. But look what's happening in our own society under our fabrication.

The alarming reports which highlight the grim picture of scarcity of brides in states like Haryana and Punjab clearly ring the warning bell to the country that at least by now it should stop this dastardly act of killing the girl child in the womb. It is an irony that in a country where women are worshipped at the same time they are killed. For no fault of their own, they cease to be in the picture.

In the male chauvinists society the birth of a girl child is not only looked down upon, but also frowned upon. Why is it so? If we see our Hindu religion, we can of course find the reason behind it. The main reason is the stipulation that only a boy/son has the right to light the pyre of the father or the mother. This is the sole reason which supports the right to inherit the property.

There is an argument to this which says since the parents stay with the sons, they are given the rights, which is one way the parents pay for their hospitality in their own son's house in spite of the son's responsibility of taking care of his parents. On the contrary, the parents feel the birth of a girl is a burden right from birth till she is married off. Apart from educating her, the responsibility of accumulating wealth as dowry adds to the burden. The fear of taking care her in case she becomes a widow or in case she is deserted by her husband also falls on them. In such cases imagine a father with four or five daughters! He dreads to think of it.

Society plays a vital role and it consists of men and women. Earlier, to some extent, if a boy marries out of his caste, he is not discriminated, whereas if the same happens with the girl, society brands her as a runaway daughter. Why this partiality? Are boys superior to girls? If a son becomes a widower, he can jolly well remarry and society accepts it.

Some North Indian states have this custom of not allowing the husband to go to the burial ground in case he decides to remarry!We need to change the society. The Hindu laws should be amended and girls should be given equal rights to perform the last rites.Parents should never consider it a burden to bring them up; rather plan efficiently to care for them and make them feel proud to live in this world.

We still have time to repent and regret but remember, A Girl in hand is worth than two boys in the womb.' If a boy marries out of his caste, he is not discriminated, whereas if the same happens with the girl, society brands her as a runaway daughter.

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