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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Be Positive

Positive thinking means thought directed always towards adherence to truthful, sincere and right or correct approach as a means to end in one’s walk of life.

Have you missed the bus? Do not brood over it. Thinking positively will ensure one to get into the next bus by a sincere attempt.

Positive thinking will always succeed while negative thinking will only ruin a human mind. Positive thinking as a trait is an asset to a man to climb up to success.

In order to realize the dreams in one’s life, one has to face daringly trials and tribulation, without succumbing to fear of any kind. People fail to rise to occasion only on account of some morbid fear.

Truly speaking, there is nothing as bad and treacherous as a fear complex to ruin one’s life. If you shed this, you are sure of success. All you need is a grain of mustard. One should grab good opportunities that come one’s way and not fail to take full advantage of them and enrich oneself with such opportunities as resource materials at one’s door step. Besides thinking positively, one should always keep oneself reassured all the time of the inborn latent talent in oneself to put it to use at the right moment. One should never entertain even a tinge of negative thinking lest it should have its toll.

‘Fear not to tread the path of righteousness to the dictates of inner conscious’ goes the saying. One is answerable only to one’s own conscience-. In addition, no one need be demoralized by any failure in this regard. Failures are but stepping-stones to one’s success and one can build up more self-confidence by such failures and never be daunted by failures.

If, on the contrary, one dreads failure, one is certain to distant oneself away from venturing on successful attempts anymore in the right direction. The one who knows no fear to stand up boldly for a righteous cause, no matter what the chances are in one’s favour for success, will be certainly greeted for the valour than the one who, dominated by fear complex, hesitate or fail to rise to the occasion.

One may have to face lots of hurdles, aggressive demands and what not in the walk of one’s life to attain success. Yet, one can say it aloud ‘can do it’ which assertion itself will act as an impetus to circumvent the risks and trouble and overcome the obstacle that comes in the way.

Nothing is impossible to anyone as every one is blessed with ability of some kind to the extent to shine well in one’s life. Each one is involved with such ability or trait which one has only to put to use in one’s life. How soon one is going to use these traits is what matters, more than where and how often.

One should identify all the factors are instrumental in influencing one to achieve success and list them for regular guidance and look for furthermore opportunities in the future, to add up to the list.

Experience is the best teacher in one’s life. For it gives an opportunity to identify one’s own inherent strengths and weaknesses as well, and also to help one to overcome the latter without affecting one’s working pattern.

In short, it is significant to remember the ancient comparison, which one’s intellect is a charioteer of the chariot, and the horses represent the human body and its five sense organs. The reins stand for the mind to direct towards proper and correct thinking. When one’s intellect is not alert, the mind loses control over the senses, going astray, leading the individual to disaster.

This like the chariot well controlled by a charioteer, a self-controlled man alone can understand and direct to derive the best benefits from the experience.

You keep looking at the closed door longer that you fail to notice the other door, which is open for you. [1998, Written on 19 th august]

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